No More Dusty Socks – Hollywoodbets Knysna

Western Cape

Hollywoodbets Knysna
Knysna Education Trust

Hollywoodbets Knysna chose Knysna Education Trust as their organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility Programme. The trust talks about our team’s visit.

Children learn more from birth to age seven than at any other time in their lives. A solid pre-school education equips a child for formal schooling, and beyond! Studies have shown that children who attend pre-school cope better in formal school than those who don’t.

The Knysna Education Trust, KET, is a non-profit organisation which recognises the need for a good quality schooling in a child’s formative years. Many of the pre-schools in our area are started in someone’s back yard, in a tin shack without adequate flooring, ceiling, lighting, ablution and so on. The children who attend these preschools – these backyard schools – are expected to learn as much and as comfortably as their peers in more adequate structures.

The Department of Social Development and Department of Health have made it mandatory for all places of care to register with them. This is to ensure that the most vulnerable child is in a place of care which will provide adequate safety for their care, and most important of all, their education.  Many of the pre-schools in our area struggle to reach the criteria as set off by the relevant departments, through lack of funding, and sometimes lack of knowledge. Our organisation has undertaken to assist the backyard schools become independent, well-established places of learning for the littlest people of our communities, thus ensuring a brighter future for all.

Training is a huge component of our work, assisting teachers and principals reach goals in order to best teach and look after the children in their care, but also to assist the pre-schools in reaching their registration status. One of these ways is to assist with the actual building and surrounds of the preschool.

Sunrise Educare houses 47 children in a tiny building. The area around the pre-school is dusty, awful in summer when 40 or so pairs of feet run through the sand, and sticky mud in the wet winters. It was an absolute blessing when the principal was approached by a Hollywoodbets team member and asked how she would like assistance! Astroturf laid in front of the building provides a clean, smart looking, safe place for the children to play on, and for this, I am, on behalf of all the children attending the pre-school, extremely grateful!

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can contact the charity here:
27 Market St,

044 382 4638

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