Computer Literacy For The Disabled – Hollywoodbets Estcourt

Hollywoodbets Estcourt
Ekuphileni Community Care Centre

Computer Literacy For The Disabled

Hollywoodbets Estcourt decided to assist physically challenged children as their project this year and in their investigations came across the Ekuphileni Community Care Centre, situated in Loskop. They currently have 15 children who live with disabilities, most of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds, where there
is no source of income.

The Ekuphileni Community Care Centre was struggling to get computers to teach the children computer skills so we donated a computer and printer which has enabled them to continue and extend their computer literacy programme.

This was an exciting time for the children and their parents and memorable for us. Hollywoodbets has made a small contribution to the community of Loskop and gave some children courage and hope for the future. It was an honour for us to be a part of the centre for a day.

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