Amaoti Happy Hours Day Care Centre (Verulam)

Hollywoodbets Verulam chose Amaoti Happy Hours Day Care Centre as their organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility Programme for 2016/2017. Read on to learn more about the team’s donation.

Hollywoodbets Verulam
Amaoti Happy Hours Day Care Centre 

This centre is operated by Durban and Coastal Mental Health which operates seven day care centres in total for 200 children.
The Amaoti centre was first opened in 1990 and services an impoverished community.

They care for 40 children from the communities of Amaoti, Mzinyathi, Amaotana, Newtown, Izimanweni, Bambhayi, Ohlange, Ngoqokazi and Inanda.

Caring for the Community

It is the only day care centre of its kind in this community that provides care to kids that have intellectual disabilities.

Many of the children are affected by physical disabilities, while some are affected by disorders like Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Hypotonia, Hydrocephalus, blindness and deafness.
Carers also have to contend with children who are living with profound learning disabilities such as poor concentration, skills and cognitive ability, attention disorder.

A few of the kids also suffer with speech impairments.

Hollywoodbets Donation

The Verulam team donated a 2000 litre JoJo tank, eight mattresses, eight blankets, eight pillows, one wheelbarrow, two rakes, three paintbrushes and four cans of paint as well as snacks and drinks to the centre.

Ms Fathima Hussain, the Deputy Director of Social Work / Day Care thanked the team for their generosity.

“The JoJo tank will assist the centre in respect of the storage of water as we had several break-ins at the centre where the pipes were stolen. Water is essential for the overall hygiene and preparation of nutritious meals for our children. The mattresses and blankets will be used in the Stimulation Programme as some of the children are multiply disabled so they are immobile and do not have use of their faculties. The mattresses will therefore be used for their comfort. The gardening equipment will be used in our Gardening Project as part of our Stimulation Programme which encourages children to be self-sufficient. Finally, the donation of the chips and cooldrinks brought smiles to our children’s faces as this was a real treat for them,” she said.
Staff at the Amaoti Happy Hours Day Care Centre are happy to receive support from Hollywoodbets Verulam - Donation - CSI - Social Responsibility Programme
Staff at the Amaoti Happy Hours Day Care Centre are happy to receive support from Hollywoodbets Verulam


If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can contact the organisation here:

Brooks Farm, Amaoti

T: 031 518 5126

NPO Reg: 002 – 158

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