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New Supplies for the Shelter

Hollywoobets Cradock in the Eastern Cape chose the Vukusebenze Shelter as their organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility Programme. We felt it was time to share with the less fortunate and needy people in our community.

Vukusebenze Shelter is directed by Mrs A Botha who says the aim of the shelter is to help the poor and needy people in our Community. Vukusebenze is a NGO and is BEE compliant. They accept any kind of help they receive. They offer the following things to the community:

  • They cook and serve about 50-70 heads a day, about 500 a week
  • They offer Skills training- e.g. (Sewing, needlework and woodwork). For example they have 5 machines with 5 ladies training on them. Once the training is done they will give away those machines to these ladies, so they can start their own businesses.

Vukusebenze Shelter generates income by having:

  1. A Garden which they grow veggies, of which they sell part of them and cook with the rest. 
  2. They have a Laundry 
  3. They have 25 beds which serves as a B&B @ R30.00 per night
  4. They sell a booklet worth of R30.00 vouchers to the averaged people for them to give a voucher to the Car guards/Car wash- then the Car guards take the voucher and represent it to the shelter in return of a meal “they are teaching them to be responsible”
  5. But they rely more on Donations.
Hollywood donated much needed goods in the form of a new stove, fridge, pots, steaming irons, kettles, utensils and more. 

Mrs Botha and her team mates were very excited, and she expressed her words by saying they were astonished and honoured by what was being done by

She said it “was a gift from above” because no one ever bought them new stuff.  They had always received second hand goods. She said her many thanks and was very teary. You could just tell how much she appreciated it.

They are doing a wonderful job and you could tell that they love what they are doing.

We had time to see some of the people that they feed ( the community).  The people can sometimes be very aggressive and demanding, especially when the shelter runs out of stock. However, the Vukusebenze team members are known to bring things from their own homes, so they don’t disappoint the people they’re helping. They really are incredible human beings.

We as the Hollywoodbets team had a great day with them, and we are so happy that we were able to give something back!

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, you can contact them here:
Vukusebenza Shelter,
5 Cawood Street, Cradock, 5881
Contact Person – Mrs AJ Botha
048 8815 177

The Hollywoodbets Cradock team with donations to the Vukusebenza Shelter (Eastern Cape)
The Hollywoodbets Cradock team donated much needed goods to the Vukusebenze Shelter

Hollywoodbets donations to Vukusebenze Shelter - Cradock
A very happy and grateful Mrs. Botha sits with one of our Hollywood Cradock team members. She was very thankful for the donations.

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