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Eastern Cape
Hollywoodbets Uitenhage
New Life Pregnancy Charity Centre
Hollywoodbets Uitenhage chose the New Life Pregnancy Charity Centre as their organisation of choice for Hollywoodbets’ Social Responsibility Programme. The team talks about their visit here.
The New Life Pregnancy Charity Centre provide great care and support for people who need it most. They give counsel to mothers who are HIV positive; they give clothes to those who are in need; and they give hope to those that are hopeless about their lives.
When we did our first initial visit to the centre, we noticed they were lacking much needed furniture, equipment and medical supplies. We decided that this was the area we could assist them with.

Our donations to the centre would include furniture; baby and children clothes; and child care supplies such as baby base, towels, pampers, blankets and toiletries.

We as the Uitenhage team went to the New Life Charity Centre on the 17/09/2014 to hand over our donation, and they welcomed us with open arms and loving hearts.

The minute we got there with all the goodies and the things we had purchased for them, some of the mothers began crying. They were so overwhelmed by the generosity, as it was something they had never experienced before. 

The children were dancing and singing because they had only ever received second hand things from other people, but today they received brand new clothes! They were so appreciative of what we had done for them, their little faces were just booming with happiness.

To top it off, we served each of the the kids their own lucky packet, and we celebrated with some delicious cake!

They are doing a great job in our community by supporting those mothers and children who are in need of much care.

It was a very special and touchy moment for us as a team and it will be forever imprinted in our hearts and memories. We spent almost three hours with them, helping them where we could.

We must say a big thank you to Hollywoodbets for the opportunity to give back to those less fortunate than ourselves.

For us it was really great to give a helping hand were help was needed, and we as Hollywoodbets Team Purple will continue to help going forward.

Would you like to help out? Here are the contact details of this charity:
New Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre
Director: Jean Downey
041 991 0217
072 688 0560
130 Caledon Street, PO Box 6105, Moselville, 6232.

Hollywoodbets Uitenhage donated goods to the New Life Pregnancy Centre in the Eastern Cape
The Hollywood Uitenhage team with their donation to the New Life Pregnancy Centre. This is part of Hollywood’s Social Responsibility Program

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