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The Khaya Cheshire Home, provide care for children with disabilities,. The parents are not always equipped to care for these children, and this is where the home comes in.

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Educational Toys Bring Happiness

Mandarin Inn chose to support the Khaya Cheshire Home again this year as they are still in great need of vital equipment and daily supplies to keep the centre operational. The Khaya Cheshire Home, which is based in the Walmer Township, was established in 2007 as there was a great need for proper care for children with disabilities, whose parents are not always equipped to care for children with special needs.

When the Khaya Cheshire Home opened their doors they started out by caring for 23 children from in and around the Walmer area. They are currently caring for 96 children and are struggling to meet the demand. This organisation provides basic educational and life skills programs and they also provide food parcels to destitute families in the area and transport for the children that are at the centre.

It was a great pleasure for our team to be in a position to assist the Khaya Cheshire home with the ever growing needs they have. After meeting with the Staff and Chairperson of the home to establish what we could contribute to assist the organisation in the work they are doing, the following was decided and we donated: 2 fans, a microwave, a computer + anti-virus software, educational toys & books, cleaning supplies, curtains, a table and chairs and soccer balls.

The Khaya Cheshire Home, kids and staff know our team well and warmly welcomed us when we did our hand-over on the 29th of January 2013. We spent the morning playing with the kids and chatting
to the team about the great work they are doing for the community, we were also
able to provide snacks, cupcakes and juice as refreshments.

It was an awesome experience to see all the children’s faces beaming with joy and excitement. They expressed heartfelt gratitude towards Hollywoodbets. A special thanks to Hollywood for affording us this opportunity to make a difference in our community.

Thank you to our team and everyone else that assisted us in achieving this goal.

Hollywoodbets Mandarin Inn team with the Khaya Cheshire Centre staff

Hollywoodbets Mandarin Inn team with the Khaya Cheshire Centre staff

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